Heimtextil 2024: A Unique Platform for Home and Contract Textiles


We are looking forward to Heimtextil 2024, where our European Business Development team will be on-site connecting with partners, innovators, retailers and friends—old and new.

What is Heimtextil 2024?

Heimtextil is an international trade fair that serves as a distinctive platform for home and contract textiles. It is known for showcasing textile design trends, sustainability in textiles and the largest array of home textiles globally. Its comprehensive product and information offerings are geared towards interior design, hospitality and the prominent sleep megatrend. It provides a unique global forum where these elements are passionately presented and combined to create an all-inclusive experience for attendees. Retailers, wholesalers, design, furnishing, or bedding retailers, interior designers and decorators, architects, and hotel furnishers come together every year at Heimtextil 

When is Heimtextil 2024?

Heimtextil is scheduled to unfold its vibrant showcase from January 9th to January 12th within the eastern halls of the Messe Frankfurt exhibition grounds. Operating hours span from 9am to 6pm on January 9th to the 11th and from 9am to 5pm on January 12th. Visitor passes, tailored to individuals needs and services, range from 29 euros to 9- euros. Against the dynamic backdrop of Frankfurt, Heimtextil boasts 2,600 exhibitors ready to unveil their products, offering robust national and global demand across diverse product segments.


Heimtextil will showcase many exciting themes. While each theme aligns in some way with the CELLIANT® brand, the two highlighted below are extremely notable to us.

These themes align closely with CELLIANT’s mission, and we are enthusiastic about engaging in insightful conversations with both existing and potential brand partners, as well as other innovators. Let’s investigate these themes to elaborate on how CELLIANT is actively addressing these important topics.  


Heimtextil Trends 24/25 revolves around envisioning the future of textiles with a fresh sensitivity, encompassing three distinct approaches: plant-based textiles, bioengineered textiles, and technological textiles. Of relevance to CELLIANT is the technological textile aspect. Often, CELLIANT’s proprietary blend of naturally occurring minerals that capture and convert body heat into infrared energy is referred to as infrared technology. Technology plays a crucial role in reshaping textiles through various methods, such as upcycling and recycling.  

Additionally, within our product portfolio, CELLIANT proudly offers various recycled materials. In partnership with UNIFI, we have created CELLIANT with REPREVE® Recycled Polyester and one of our newest innovations, CELLIANT with REPREVE Recycled Nylon. REPREVE is widely known for being made from 100% recycled materials. With recycled nylon being harder to come by in the industry, we are excited to see how this new carrier option takes off for us, and for the brand partners that we work with.  


CELLIANT acknowledges the profound impact of infrared technology on health and wellness, particularly in the context of sleep. From the mattress beneath you to the pajamas you wear and the sheets enveloping you, CELLIANT employs scientifically validated infrared technology to enhance overall well-being, fostering restful sleep and supporting performance and recovery. By incorporating a natural blend of IR-generating bioceramic minerals into fibers, yarns and fabrics, CELLIANT powers bio-responsive textiles.

Recognizing the pivotal role of quality sleep in maintaining good health, CELLIANT powered infrared mattresses, top-of-bed products and sleepwear cater to individual preferences. CELLIANT proudly collaborates with leading brands in the sleep industry such as Bear Mattress and Purecare in the United States, as well as European partners such as Schlarafia and OBB.

Supported by robust scientific backing, a pilot clinical study demonstrated that individuals using CELLIANT-powered responsive textiles experienced an average increase of 18.3 more minutes of sleep per night.* This underscores CELLIANT’s commitment to advancing sleep technology and well-being, CELLIANT remains at the forefront, dedicated to delivering products that contribute to a healthier and more rejuvenating sleep experience.


In addition to the relevant themes we expect to see at Heimtextil, CELLIANT is also thrilled to announce that its partner OBB Oberbadische Bettfedernfabrik GmbH, one of the last fully-integrated down and feather bedding factories within Germany, will be debuting its inagural line of CELLIANT-powered products for bedding retailers to purchase at the show. The line of CELLIANT mattress toppers and duvets represents our further global expansion into the sleep industry, and we are very excited about this welcome collaboration.


If you’re planning to attend Heimtextil, please do not hesitate to reach out. Hologenix’s European Business Developer, Kresimir Hernaus, will be on-site representing the brand and taking part in meetings. Click below to set up a meeting.

If you are unable to attend the show, but still would like to get in touch with our team to discuss how CELLIANT can amplify your brands’ product lines, please fill out the form below.




Technological fabrics, which can be considered a sub-category of smart textiles, utilize technology to provide a function beyond its basic textile capabilities.


Functional fabrics are any fabric or textile product that provides some function over and above the basic function it’s primarily designed for. Examples of functional fabrics include performance textiles, responsive textiles, smart textiles, and bio-responsive textiles.


Strictly speaking CELLIANT® isn’t a fabric. CELLIANT is a blend of all-natural minerals that are ground to an extremely fine powder and then embedded into or printed on fabrics. This creates a bio-responsive fabric with numerous performance fabric benefits.

*Source: CELLIANT Pilot Sleep Study Dr. Marcel Hungs & Dr. Annabel Wang, University of California – Irvine Medical Center, 2010. Results not achieved by all subjects in the study. Further studies are warranted before drawing conclusions as to CELLIANT® sleep benefits.