CELLIANT Innovations Take Home Two ISPO Textrends Awards

Our innovations, CELLIANT® with REPREVE® Nylon and CELLIANT Print have been honored with Selections in the Fibers and Insulations category of the ISPO Textrends Awards Fall/Winter 2025/26. These two newest awards mark our 9th and 10th awards for our fiber and fabric developments and brand partner products. 


The ISPO Textrends awards are held twice per year and recognize forward-thinking companies for their high-performance fabrics, fibers, and component materials, with a focus on the sports and outdoor industry.

The theme of this year’s awards, the Fall/Winter 2025/26 category, is one of sharing. As ISPO put it, “the great goal of the textile industry is to learn from each other and to inspire each other.”

We couldn’t agree more as innovation and ethical business are the foundation of our success at Hologenix. As an ingredient brand, nurturing good relationships with like-minded partners who we can learn from and be inspired by is key, evidenced by our recent feature on Inc’s 2023 Power Partner List.


ISPO Textrends 2023 is particularly special, marking ten years since the platform’s inception. ISPO Textrends was created to celebrate the unique innovations, ingredient brands and technical textiles at ISPO that form the foundation of many brands’ cutting-edge product collections. 

The project manager behind ISPO Textrends, Stephanie Ledru, describes what sparked the creation of the awards:

“When you live and breathe textiles, you understand the importance of a platform for showcasing all these great companies, just like the brands had been at the existing ISPO Munich fair. It made sense to create a unique area for these ingredients, as without them, there would be no collections.” 

Over the past decade, ISPO Textrends winners have included numerous textile industry leaders, including Global Merino, Imbotex, and Hologenix, LLC. 

About The Latest Award-Winning CELLIANT Innovations

Continuous innovation is central to our brand. We are committed to on-going research and development to bring the very best infrared textile solutions to our partners, and we’re proud to see many of these innovations receive praise from global industry institutions, like ISPO Textrends. 

The two latest ISPO Textrends awards are for two innovations that offer unique and versatile infrared solutions to our brand partners: 

CELLIANT with REPREVE® Recycled Nylon received a Selection in the Fibers & Insulations category.
CELLIANT Print received a Selection in the Fibers & Insulations category.

These innovations offer new application possibilities, providing benefits of CELLIANT infrared technology such as: 

Learn the unique benefits of CELLIANT with REPREVE Nylon and CELLIANT Print below. 


CELLIANT with REPREVE Recycled Nylon is an innovative infrared textile solution made from recycled plastic water bottles that marries UNIFI’s sustainable high-performance REPREVE fibers with CELLIANT IR technology. This is the perfect ingredient for brands who want to take advantage of the rise of next-gen materials by incorporating a more eco-friendly nylon solution into their product lines.

Recycled nylon benefits include all the characteristics expected of high-quality traditional nylon: 

CELLIANT with REPREVE Recycled Nylon delivers on all of the above using more sustainable textile materials, bolstering brands’ sustainable storytelling for their consumers while infusing the benefits of infrared technology into their product lines. Due to its physical and functional properties, CELLIANT with REPREVE Nylon is a perfect fit for underwear, stockings and tights, leggings, infrared socks, seamless knits, baselayers and many other next-to-skin applications. 

This is our second award-winning CELLIANT with REPREVE carrier type. Our recycled polyester collaboration with UNIFI, makers of REPREVE sustainable fibers, has received three textile innovation awards — two ISPO Textrends distinctions across the Fibers and Insulations and Accelerated Eco categories, and a Finalist position in the 2023 Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards. 


CELLIANT Print is an application technique where CELLIANT bioceramic powder is adhered directly to a fabric as a topical coating. CELLIANT Print can be applied to the surface of any preferred fabric in a wide variety of designs plus CELLIANT Print is perfect for anything from small-scale applications like athletic tape to large-scale applications, like mattresses.  

All of this makes CELLIANT Print a versatile solution with the potential to bring infrared wellness to virtually any textile product across multiple industries.

In addition to the wellness benefits of infrared, CELLIANT Print also offers:

We are excited to have expanded availability of CELLIANT Print in 2023, and it can already be found in market through our partners at Under Armour and KT Tape. 

CELLIANT infrared technology is a key ingredient in Under Armour’s line of UA RUSH™ athletic apparel. Under Armour is one of our first partners to incorporate CELLIANT Print into their products, which can be found within products this technical collection. 

KT Tape‘s first infrared collaboration with CELLIANT, the Pro Oxygen™ kinesiology tapefeatures CELLIANT Print to deliver infrared benefits such as improved cellular oxygenation. KT Tape Pro Oxygen features ultra-breathable synthetic fabric and high-strength, water-resistant adhesive, plus CELLIANT infrared-emitting bioceramics printed directly on the tape surface. 

Award-Winning Infrared Textiles for Your Products

If you’re interested in learning more about how CELLIANT with REPREVE, CELLIANT Print, or any CELLIANT product can help your brand deliver more for your consumers and stand out from competitors, we’d love to hear from you.

Fill out the form to get in touch with our business development team or to set up a meeting with our European team at ISPO Munich 2023. 






April 15, 2024 – We created CELLIANT® because we believe in the power of infrared to make a real difference in people’s lives. We created our Amazon store as the next step to bring infrared into more people’s lives and spaces…