Hologenix Honored by Inc. Power Partners Award

We truly know that our partners’ successes are our successes. That’s why we do everything we can to go above and beyond for our brand partners. And that’s why it means so much to us to be honored by Inc.’s 2023 Power Partners Award. These awards by Inc. recognize B2B companies that help other companies level up their products and services. We’re especially proud because the awards are partly based on confidential partner reviews but the fact that we were awarded means our partners value what we bring to their business and that means everything to us.  

What are the inc. power partner awards?

The Inc. Power Partner Awards recognize those B2B companies that go the extra mile to help their partner brands be successful. These are B2B companies that, as Inc. puts it, “deliver quality results on time, on budget, every time, are what we call Power Partners. Power Partner clients talk about virtues like value, reliability, quality, trust, creativity, timeliness, commitment, excellence, and supportiveness, to name a few. 

"POWERED BY CELLIANT" means a powerful partnership

When a product features CELLIANT®, we say that product is ‘powered by CELLIANT. It also means that the brand creating the product can count on a powerful partnership with us.  

We’re honored to be on the Inc. Power Partners Award list and would like to thank all our brand partners, including those that provided their thoughts on our work to Inc.

While the testimonials provided to Inc. were not disclosed to nominees, our team is energized by the feedback that we hear from our partners on a regular basisand the feeling is mutual. Below, read overviews of several of our valued partnerships, along with testimonials from key stakeholders from those brand partners. 


Our partnership with Designtex brings infrared wellness and stylish design into what are often people’s most sedentary moments, such as the office, hospitality rooms, education spaces and other built environments. Partners since 2020, the Designtex CELLIANT collection of upholstery textiles is currently available in four styles and over fifty colors, with plans for expanding the collection underway. 

“We like to think of this new collection as charging stations for people. The technology provides health and wellness benefits for sedentary moments, like an office worker in their chair or a person sitting in a waiting room, which is revolutionary. It really is a human solution and we are proud to be a part of bringing wellness to the built environment.”

– Susan Lyons, Designtex President


Our partnership with Crypton is a perfect match of functional textile technology and wellness textile technology for upholstery. We call it, ‘easycare meets self-care’. Partners since 2021, this partnership has extended to include Kravet, the industry leader in fabric supplier to the design community. This extended partnership includes the Wellness Textures collection, a celebration of 38 fabrics in beautiful blues, creamy neutrals and moody greys. The collection was featured in Architectural Digest for its innovation. 

As the category leader and innovator of performance technologies for contract and residential markets, we are proud to introduce Crypton CELLIANT and the enhanced performance properties it represents. This innovation also demonstrates our strong, ongoing commitment to American manufacturing. With the introduction of CELLIANT technology to our fabric offering, we have found a trusted performance partner in sync with our company values and sustainability mission.

– Lance Keziah, Crypton CEO


Our partnership with KT Tape has been a resounding success, with the launch of CELLIANT-powered KT Tape Pro Oxygen. Launched in 2023, the innovation of infrared technology has given KT Tape a clear differentiate point in the market and has been received well by customers looking for high-performance athletic tape. We’re looking forward to innovating further infrared-infused products with KT Tape. 

We are very excited about the launch of KT Tape PRO Oxygen; it has been the catalyst to reinvigorate our entire product hierarchy. This premium product is the next generation of performance support and recovery. Thanks to our partnership with Hologenix, the addition of CELLIANT technology brings more value to the consumer and is a key brand differentiator in the marketplace.

– Jessica Klodnicki, KT Tape CEO


Everything DFND makes is built for performance and designed for recovery. Their products are 100% made in the USA and used by the military, first responders, professional athletes and anyone who takes their performance, recovery and sleep seriously. We’ve partnered with DFND to bring the infrared benefits of faster recovery to their sleep collection and are looking forward to expanding the products in the collection in the near future. 

With sleep and rest being so critical to the core components of performance and recovery, DFND is proud to partner with Hologenix on its industry-leading, science-backed CELLIANT technology to bring this product to the market to make an impact in the lives of soldiers and athletes alike.

– Steve Burnett, DFND President


We partnered with Purecare in 2012, releasing the first Purecare CELLIANT-infused sheets and pillowcases in 2013 as part of the Recovery Collection. From then on, our partnership has remained strong and successful. In 2023, Purecare expanded the Recovery Collection with the launch of sheets and pillowcases featuring our materials innovation, CELLIANT Viscose. We’re proud to help Purecare deliver on their promise of better sleep and choices of materials their customers can feel good about. 

We look for products and partners that match our wellness mission and also help us differentiate Purecare. We don’t want to put a spin on cotton sheets that are just cotton sheets, like so many other bedding brands. We want to offer people something really different and that can make a difference in their lives. CELLIANT certainly checks both of those boxes and also helps with something else that is really important to us — transparency and earning our customers’ trust. CELLIANT does that with their scientific approach with trials and studies.

– Sarah Bergman, Purecare VP of Marketing and Product Development

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April 15, 2024 – We created CELLIANT® because we believe in the power of infrared to make a real difference in people’s lives. We created our Amazon store as the next step to bring infrared into more people’s lives and spaces…