Oxeego x CELLIANT Partner on Infrared Sock Technology

Oxeego x CELLIANT Infrared Outdoor Socks

Oxeego defines their mission with four words: passion, dedication, commitment and innovation. Each pillar of the brand’s philosophy strikes a chord with us at CELLIANT®, and we can confidently say that these four principles inform every business decision we make, too. That’s why our partnership with Oxeego to create high-quality technical sports socks is a genuine and authentic fit. 

As a family business, Oxeego recognizes the importance of excellent craftsmanship that reflects their artisan tradition, which puts emphasis on human values and our connection to our environment. Hailing from Trentino, Italy and now headquartered in Rovereto, Oxeego is just a short distance from the spacious fields, quiet roads and vast mountains that inspire their passion for outdoor sports and inform their product innovations. To ensure their socks excel in quality and support performance, Oxeego works hard to select technical textiles, including yarns and raw materials, that can have a positive physiological impact on the feet. This led them to explore the benefits of infrared (IR) technology and applications for IR socks. 

Why Infrared and Socks Make the Perfect Pair

Infrared socks, or socks that have been infused with technology that emits infrared energy into the foot, are one of several innovations that are intended to help people improve their foot health. Anyone can benefit from infrared light therapy via wearing IR socks, but it is particularly beneficial to people who spend a lot of time on their feet, including: 

For curious consumers looking to try infrared-infused products for the first time, IR socks offer a low-barrier option that is inexpensive, accessible and easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Oxeego x CELLIANT Infrared Trail Running Socks


While there are a number of infrared socks on the market today, CELLIANT is the world leader in infrared textile applications and the only full-spectrum infrared bio-responsive textile, infusing the infrared advantage into a range of applications including IR socks. 

When embedded into socks, CELLIANT bioceramics capture body heat and convert it into infrared energy, which is reflected back into the foot and lower leg. CELLIANT is clinically demonstrated to increase local circulation and improve cellular oxygenation, which enhances thermoregulation, speeds recovery from physical fatigue, and enhances speed, stamina, strength and endurance. 

About Oxeego IR Socks with CELLIANT

An important value that Oxeego and CELLIANT share is our commitment to research and continuous innovation. For Oxeego, this looks like creating technologically advanced socks for sports enthusiasts (a category of consumer that sits squarely among CELLIANT’s key customer demographics as well) that are both highly functional and beautiful to wear. As an ingredient brand partner, CELLIANT’s focus is rooted in rigorous testing and validating the science behind CELLIANT by expanding our body of research of infrared, including infrared apparel, so brands like Oxeego can rest assured that the infrared advantage is helping them differentiate their products and stay ahead of the curve. 

Currently, CELLIANT® infrared technology powers several different categories of Oxeego infrared socks: 

We’ll dive into the specifics of each variation below.

Oxeego Infrared Cycling Socks with CELLIANT

Oxeego’s cycling socks are designed for road cycling, mountain biking, and gravel riding and are powered by CELLIANT to enhance performance and increase comfort in your feet, even during your longest rides. They also feature a reinforced heel to prevent discomfort and irritation caused by your heel rubbing against your shoe while pedaling, as well as strategic ventilation space for breathability. Plus, they come in a variety of bright colors to make these cycling socks as stylish as they are functional.  

Oxeego Infrared Running Socks with CELLIANT

If you hit the treadmill or the trail with running as your exercise activity of choice, you’ll want to review the different types of infrared running socks that Oxeego offers. 

Oxeego’s quintessential running sock is perfect for track, road or trail running. Along with CELLIANT infrared technology, the short running sock features a reinforcement layer that covers most of the arch of the foot for comfort on hard terrain and a protective elastic band in the back where the sock covers the Achilles tendon. 

Alongside the short running sock, Oxeego offers a taller variation of running socks specifically suited for difficult trails and long-distance routes. The trail-running socks are ultra-reinforced and durable to provide protection and comfort for the feet no matter the terrain. CELLIANT infrared technology is embedded into the socks to boost performance, stamina and strength.

Oxeego Infrared Outdoor Socks with CELLIANT

Oxeego offers a stunning array of outdoor trekking socks that have been tested on 800km trails through the Alps and tough weather conditions. While these socks are perfect for seasoned hikers, outdoor adventurers of any level will love the comfortable snug fit and second skin-like feel. The infrared-infused yarns will increase local circulation and cellular oxygenation to help your feet stay fresher while keeping you on the move.

If you can’t get enough of Oxeego infrared socks with CELLIANT and want to enjoy the comfort every day, even when you are at work or at home, Oxeego’s casual IR sock collection will be your go-to. Available in low or medium cut, the casual socks feature the same IR technology as the sports collections to promote maximum comfort, increased local circulation and enhanced thermoregulation. 


Oxeego offers select CELLIANT-infused performance apparel and accessories in addition to their IR sock collections, all designed to enhance your physical performance.

Available in black and white, Oxeego’s base layers feature a snug and seamless fit and comfortable crewneck to support your range of motion and reflect infrared energy into the torso and core. 

This universally sized, multi-function neck tube is ideal for any sport to protect you from cold and sweat. It is infused with CELLIANT to promote comfort and thermoregulation, no matter the weather conditions. 

Oxeego Neck Tube with CELLIANT Infrared Technology


In addition to CELLIANT, Oxeego incorporates several other technologies into their product lines that work in tandem with infrared properties to provide maximum functional and physiological benefits.  

Compression Technology

Oxeego’s highest-cut running sock, called Compression Stripes, features gradual compression. Compression and infrared technology go hand-in-hand as both are known, independently, to have an impact on local circulation, performance and recovery. 

Antibacterial Technology

Oxeego antibacterial fibers are hypoallergenic, all-natural and biodegradable. While the fibers look like soft cotton, they are highly resistant to wear and tear, even after many washes. 

Fall Into Step with Infrared Technology for Socks

Oxeego x CELLIANT Infrared Cycling Socks

As the apparel industry gets more saturated and competitive, functional properties have come to be expected by consumers. Brands need to look to think outside of the box to stay ahead of the curve. One way to do that is to innovate apparel products that have a positive physiological impact on the wearer, boosting wellness while you wear it. While lengthy research and development may be daunting, partnering with an ingredient brand like CELLIANT can add value to your products and help you stand out from the competition without needing to invest valuable time and resources; CELLIANT already has a growing library of clinical and mechanical testing to validate the science behind full-spectrum infrared energy. 

CELLIANT infrared technology fits seamlessly into a variety of apparel applications, including infrared socks. If you are interested in discussing how CELLIANT can amplify your brand’s products, please fill out the form below to get in touch with our Business Development team.