ISPO Munich 2023: A New Perspective on Sports

ISPO Munich stands as the world’s largest sports trade show, bringing together the global sports business community to collectively shape the industry’s future. 


The event serves as a platform for innovative products and a glimpse into the potential future of sports. Beyond the exhibition itself, ISPO Munich offers a rich tapestry of events, carefully curated areas, and networking opportunities, allowing attendees to engage with like-minded professionals and gain new perspectives on the sports industry. It’s a hub where the sports world converges, fostering collaboration and insight-sharing that will propel the industry forward.  


ISPO Munich 2023 is scheduled to take place from November 28th to November 30th at the International Congress Center, Messegelände, Eingänge West, Ost, Nord, 818234 Müchen, Germany. Visitor hours for November 28th and 29th are from 9am to 6pm, and on November 30th, the fair will be open 9am to 5pm.

Visitor passes for the event range in price from 49 to 199 euros, depending on your business category representation. With over 1,600 brands slated to exhibit at the show, you can expect to see renowned names in the sports industry such as Patagonia, Franklin Sports, Blackroll and Imbotex. We’re thrilled to announce that CELLIANT® will also be represented at ISPO Munich 2023, adding to the diverse array of brands you can explore during the event.


ISPO Munich 2023 will showcase the following unique efforts to visitors and attendees alike: 

Ultimate Meeting Point of the Sports Industry

ISPO Munich offers an unparalleled platform for the sport industry, uniting passionate sports enthusiasts and seasoned experts to exchange their unique viewpoints. Within this dynamic interaction, fresh concepts and diverse perspectives take shape, presenting a comprehensive industry overview and opening doors to exiting opportunities for everyone involved.  

As a clinically demonstrated, bio-responsive textile that harnesses the body’s natural energy, increasing local circulation and improving cellular oxygenation to support performance and recovery.

CELLIANT makes the perfect partner for sports brands looking to differentiate their products. CELLIANT can be embedded in yarn, fibers and fabrics, or applied as a print coating, and is a key ingredient in products from world- class brands such as Under Armour, DFND, Duluth Trading Co, DECATHLON, and KT Tape 

We are excited to discuss our product offerings, as well as our newest innovation, CELLIANT® with REPREVE® Nylon. CELLIANT® with REPREVE® Nylon boasts a unique fusion of recycled fibers from REPREVE with the superior qualities of CELLIANT infrared technology. This combination delivers remarkable strength, durability, and stretch characteristics alongside the health and wellness advantages associated with CELLIANT’s infrared technologyultimately offering a perfect fit for sport related textiles.

Pivotal Sports Industry Segments

ISPO Munich is structured into eight pivotal sports industry segments, each featuring numerous brand booths. Dive into the industry’s diversity and find inspiration within their eight segments. These segments include future lab, outdoor, health and fitness, snow sports, sports fashion, team sports, textrends, and sourcing and manufacturing.  

As an ingredient brand, CELLIANT can easily find a place to call home in any of the above categories. CELLIANT technology is clinically demonstrated to provide numerous health and wellness benefits. CELLIANT technology is very much driven to be the ‘fabric of future’. Additionally, we have many active partnerships with brands in snow sports, sports fashion and team sports space. Touching on Textrends, CELLIANT is honored to have been awarded various ISPO Textrends Awards in the past. These awards include, CELLIANT Viscose: Selection, Fibers & Insulations, ISPO Textrends Fall/Winter 2021/22, Pure White CELLIANT: Top Ten, Fibers & Insultations, ISPO Textrends Fall/Winter 2023/24 and our most awarded carrier type to date, CELLIANT with REPREVE Recycled Polyester: Top Five, Accelerated Eco Category, ISPO Textrends Spring/Summer 2025 and Selection, Fibers, & Insulations, ISPO Textrends Fall/Winter 2024/25 

That said, the large exhibition offerings at this fair not only excite us, but also feel like a comfortable place for us to call home.  


If you’re considering attending ISPO Munich 2023, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Kresimir Hernaus, Hologenix’s European Business Developer, will be present at this event, representing the brand and holding meetings. To schedule a meeting or to discover more about a CELLIANT partnership, please feel free to reach out. If attending isn’t feasible for you, you can still connect with our team by filling out the form below.






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