BLACKROLL x CELLIANT: Restful Sleep Wherever Life Takes You

As an ingredient brand, partnering with like-minded businesses is core to our business. Our partners at BLACKROLL® are a perfect example. The Blackroll team describes themselves as a “Healthstyle Company,” meaning they offer products that suit any circumstanceno matter how spontaneous your lifestyle is and are backed wholeheartedly by the upmost experts in sports and health. Blackroll believes that the best way to take control of your own health is to do it yourself, because you truly know yourself best. 

We couldn’t agree more. At CELLIANT®, we are passionate about helping others improve their wellbeing. Our partnership with Blackroll is built on, and strengthened by, our shared commitment to developing versatile products that enhance people’s lives and promote health and wellness. By partnering to incorporate infrared textile technology into innovative bedding, CELLIANT and Blackroll empower consumers to boost their wellness from the comfort of their own home or while on the road to the next adventure.

Sleep Better with CELLIANT-Infused Blackroll Bedding

Following the success of their initial CELLIANT summer blanket launch, Blackroll expanded their collection of infrared recovery blankets to introduce a heavier version of the duvet that is best suited for colder climates. Both styles of recovery blankets feature an innovative CELLIANT fill. 

CELLIANT infrared technology works by transforming your body’s heat into infrared energy. When your body releases heatboth in movement and at rest CELLIANT bioceramic minerals captures this heat and converts it into infrared light. This infrared light is reflected back to your body as IR energy, where it is absorbed by tissues and muscles.  

This process causes two key changes within the body: increased local circulation and increased cellular oxygenation.

The result of these changes is what we refer to as the infrared advantage, which means better sleep and faster recovery, along with numerous other health and wellness benefits.


CELLIANT’s ability to increase local circulation and cellular oxygenation support your body’s ability to thermoregulate. Body temperature plays a significant role in the quality of our sleep – many of us are all too familiar with the challenge of achieving restful, restorative sleep when you are too hot or too cold. 

In fact, a 2023 Gallup study found that over half of adults in the U.S. report at least occasionally being too hot while sleeping. The same study found that those who are typically “hot sleepers” are more likely to experience poor sleep when compared to those who rarely experience uncomfortably warm temperatures during sleep.1  

No matter if you run hot or cold, CELLIANT-infused bedding increases comfort and helps you stay at the right temperature throughout the night, promoting restful sleep so you wake up refreshed and ready for the day. 

CELLIANT’s sleep benefits have been demonstrated in a double-blind pilot sleep study*, in which participants had an average of 18.3 more minutes of sleep per night when sleeping on CELLIANT and an average of 2.6% improved sleep efficiency.2 We look forward to expanding on this research to draw further conclusions on CELLIANT’s benefits for sleep. 


There is nothing better than falling into bed after a tiring day. Especially when your bedding is infused with CELLIANT infrared technology, which not only promotes restful sleep, but also speeds recovery. 

Whether you are unwinding following a long day at work, rejuvenating after a tough workout, or enjoying some well-deserved relaxation after conquering the day’s challenges, infrared bedding helps you recover from fatigue faster and increases energy. That way, when you’re ready to get back on your feet, nothing stands in your way. 

About Blackroll Products with CELLIANT

Blackroll currently offers two CELLIANT-infused blanket varieties: the Recovery Blanket Ultralite and the Recovery Blanket Winter. Both blankets are OEKO TEX® STANDARD 100 certified and suitable for allergy sufferers.


Blackroll’s inaugural CELLIANT-powered product is the RECOVERY BLANKET ULTRALITE. This duvet leans into CELLIANT’s thermoregulation properties, designed to be thin enough to keep you at the perfect temperature for comfortable sleep – ideal for summer temperatures, hot sleepers, or campers in warm climates. 

As an extra bonus for outdoor enthusiasts, Blackroll’s lightweight infrared blanket comes with a matching travel bag, so it can be easily packed away for storage or travel. 


Blackroll’s most recent CELLIANT-powered product is the RECOVERY BLANKET WINTER. As its name suggests, the latest expansion of the IR recovery blanket offers a new level of cozy comfort. It is breathable and quick drying to ensure that you stay dry as well as warm. 

Just like its summer counterpart, the CELLIANT winter blanket comes with a travel bag so you can travel confidently all winter knowing you’ll sleep just as well as you do at home. And, in the summer, your winter duvet is easy to store safely away until the cold weather returns. 


Blackroll’s CELLIANT recovery blankets can be purchased separately or as part of season-specific sleep sets designed to maximize your zzz’s. 

The Summer Sleep Set

The Summer Sleep Set features the CELLIANT-filled Recovery Blanket Ultralite, an ergonomic Recovery Pillow made to suit any sleeping position and the Climate Pillowcase, coated with phase-change materials to optimize moisture and temperature regulation. 

The Winter Sleep Set

The Winter Sleep Set of cold weather essentials features the CELLIANT Recovery Blanket Winter along with the Recovery Pillow and Blackroll’s original pillowcase. 

Offer Restful Sleep to Your Customers with CELLIANT-Infused Bedding

CELLIANT’s applications for sleep and recovery are limitless. We’ve partnered with top brands including Blackroll, CentaStar, BEAR Mattress, Purecare, Schlarafia, Isbir and Sleepletics to develop infrared sleep products ranging from thermoregulating sheets to recovery sleepwear, infrared mattresses, top-of-bed products and more. 

We offer a variety of CELLIANT carriers that each offer distinct benefits depending on your product development needs, such as silky nature-based CELLIANT Viscose or our recycled CELLIANT with REPREVE® performance fibers. 

To take the next step in enhancing – or reinventing – your brand’s sleep product lines, fill out the form below to get in touch with our expert Business Development team. 




CELLIANT®’s ability to increase local circulation and cellular oxygenation results in advantages that promote restful sleep, such as increased comfort and temperature regulation. 


Body temperature, among other physical indicators, affects our circadian rhythm, which is what regulates our sleep patterns. Therefore, if we are too hot or too cold, it can have unpleasant effects on our sleep. 

*Results not achieved by all subjects in the study. Further studies are warranted before drawing conclusions as to CELLIANT sleep benefits.

1Sleep Temperature Linked to Overall Sleep Quality, Wellbeing Dan Witters, Gallup, 2023.

2CELLIANT Pilot Sleep Study Dr. Marcel Hungs & Dr. Annabel Wang, University of California – Irvine Medical Center, 2010.