Amplifying Brand Potential & Consumer Wellness

We created CELLIANT® because we believe in the power of infrared to make a real difference in people’s lives. As an ingredient brand, we work with consumer-facing brands to infuse their textile products with CELLIANT technology to help the brand differentiate themselves from their competitors, give their consumers a powerful reason for choosing, or continuing to love, their products, and to energize as many people’s lives and space as possible.

Working with CELLIANT

As we often say, our relationship with brands is much more than a transaction, it’s a true partnership where we work to support them in all facets of bringing their CELLIANT-powered products to market. What does that mean? It means we work to support our partners across product development, supply chain, marketing and regulatory considerations.

To put it simply, we are successful when our partner brands are successful.


CELLIANT has many wellness benefits. It works by capturing and converting body heat into infrared energy. This energy is reflected back into the body, resulting in increased local circulation and cellular oxygenation. These two primary increases then cause a number of wellness benefits in healthy people, including:

KT Tape Pro Oxygen is powered by CELLIANT IR tech.

These benefits mean that CELLIANT is a perfect fit for many different types of textile products, including:

Our Brand Partners' Audiences

It’s important to us that not only do we appeal to our brand partners but that our technology resonates with their consumers. With the many CELLIANT advantages, we truly believe that any person can benefit from infrared technology. That said there are several demographics that will be most drawn to the technology or see the most benefit from CELLIANT. These include:

Backed By Science. Bolstered by Testimonials.

We believe wholeheartedly in the science behind CELLIANT. It’s why we’ve conducted 10 peer-reviewed studies to date, with several more in progress. But we also love to hear from our brand partners and from their consumers about their experiences working with us, and using products that are powered by CELLIANT. Testimonials and anecdotes can’t take the place of science, but it is a great boost to hear real people finding improved wellness with our brand partners’ products. It validates that the science is impacting real lives. Click below to download our testimonials booklet to see firsthand the experiences that consumers and our brand partners are having as they partner with CELLIANT, or use products powered by CELLIANT.

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