KT Tape Pro Oxygen with CELLIANT: Making a Difference for Athletes and the Brand

KT Tape Pro Oxygen with CELLIANT Review

KT Tape PRO OXYGEN™ launched in April 2023 and has been a resounding success.  Featuring ultra-breathable fabric, long-lasting, water-resistant adhesive and CELLIANT® infrared technology to help improve cellular oxygenation, among many other benefits of infrared technology, Pro Oxygen has quickly become an athlete favorite.

What is KT Tape with CELLIANT used for?

KT Tape with CELLIANT is called Pro Oxygen and used by athletes and active people to help them perform stronger and recover more quickly. The KT Tape itself provides flexible support for muscles, ligaments and tendons. CELLIANT infrared technology helps increase local circulation and improves cellular oxygenation.

What are the Benefits of KT Tape with CELLIANT?

KT Tape Pro Oxygen has a number of benefits for athletes and active people. These can be broken down by the benefits of KT Tape and the benefits of CELLIANT.

Benefits of KT Tape include:
Benefits of CELLIANT include:

How does PRO OXYGEN™ with CELLIANT Tape Work?

KT Tape Pro Oxygen works by combining the athletic benefits of KT Tape and CELLIANT. KT Tape works by physically supporting and lifting the skin. This helps increase local blood flow and reduce muscle soreness. CELLIANT works by capturing and converting body heat into full-spectrum infrared energy which is reflected back into the muscles and tissues. This causes increased local circulation and improves cellular oxygenation.

Recognition from USA Track & Field

Pro Oxygen was mentioned by KT Tape partner USA Track & Field on X (formerly Twitter). We’re honored to be mentioned and have CELLIANT used by members of the USATF to help them supercharge their workouts. 

The tweet from the USATF garnered attention too, with 545,000 views, 21 Retweets, and 90 Quotes.

KT Tape PRO OXYGEN Getting Love From KT Tape Enthusiasts

The KT Tape Pro Oxygen line isn’t just getting mentions from the USATF. On Amazon, the Pro Oxygen line has a 4.5 star rating at the time of writing. And the feedback has been enthusiastic and overwhelmingly positive.

Below, explore some of the 5-star reviews from satisfied KT Tape Pro customers.


"Trying this new KT tape and so [far] it delivers what I need. Helps in recovery and decrease healing time."
"These have really good quality[.] Love them to use for my knee. Great find!"
"Super thick and excellent quality. Easy to apply and stays on. The best tape I’ve ever used."
"Has made the difference between me thinking I'd have to give up running for a long time to recover from persistent pain and being able to train through it and even get past it without a long day off."
"This tape works well. The tape is plenty sticky and adheres well, even when you get it wet. Easy to apply and helps with the aches and pain of intense exercise."
"KT Tape Pro Oxygen, Synthetic Kinesiology Athletic Tape with CELLIANT Technology may be a little pricey, but it worth every penny."

Helping KT Tape PRO OXYGEN Stand Out From Competitors

In addition to positive reviews, CELLIANT infrared technology is helping Pro Oxygen differentiate from the competition as well as other KT Tape products. The sales trends back this up. The Pro Oxygen line has been KT Tape’s best selling launch tape ever, selling three times faster than their prior best-selling product.

KT Tape’s commitment to innovation is showing their fans and athletes that they will push the boundaries to deliver better and better performance.

Does KT Tape PRO OXYGEN Really Work?

While many people who have tried KT Tape Pro Oxygen provide positive reviews, we recognize that this is still an emerging area of science and research. We appreciate people who are skeptical about CELLIANT and its efficacy as skepticism is a foundational principle of science itself.

Emerging research and limited clinical trials takes time to become established, well-understood and widely recognized science. But CELLIANT infrared technology is on its way to becoming just that. Our clinical trials have demonstrated that CELLIANT increases local circulation and that many of its applications, including for performance and recovery, have demonstrated enough positive results to warrant further exploration.

CELLIANT Infrared Technology is a Perfect Partner for Sports Brands

Any sports accessory or apparel brand can benefit from CELLIANT infrared technology. Backed by science, CELLIANT turns any performance or recovery textile product into a wellness product capable of  improving local circulation, increasing strength, endurance and stamina, as well as speeding recovery from physical activity. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how CELLIANT can help your performance or recovery textile products differentiate from competitors and stand out for your customers, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out the form below to get in touch with our Business Development team.



Below, find answers to some commonly asked questions about CELLIANT-powered KT Tape Pro Oxygen.


KT Tape Pro Oxygen provides flexible support to muscles, tendons and ligaments while increasing local circulation, helping athletes perform stronger.


KT Tape Pro Oxygen works by:


KT Tape Pro Oxygen is used by athletes and active people around the world to help them perform stronger and recover faster from physical activity.