Recharge with Infrared Sleep Solutions from Sleep Hive

The Sleep Hive team believes that ‘good sleep is a right, not a privilege’ – and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’re proud to partner with them in delivering therapeutic sleep solutions, helping Australians find the bed of their dreams.

About Sleep Hive

Sleep Hive, a family-owned and operated Australian business, specializes in health-focused sleep solutions and has established offices across Australasia. For nearly two decades, Sleep Hive has upheld the belief that, behind every story of recovery, great idea or moment of happiness, there was a good night’s sleep. 

Sleep Hive is committed to delivering high-quality sleep systems differentiated with technical innovations ranging from adjustable electric bed frames, to therapeutic whole-body vibration, to CELLIANT® infrared technology. 

Sleep Hive Mattresses with CELLIANT Infrared Technology

CELLIANT is a natural blend of IR-emitting minerals that, when incorporated into textile products, can harness your body heat, convert it into infrared energy, and reflect it back to the body for the tissues and muscles to absorb. In doing so, CELLIANT increases local circulation and cellular oxygenation, which results in a cascade of health and wellness benefits. These health and wellness benefits, such as temperature regulation, increased comfort, and faster recovery from physical fatigue, can help deliver better, restful sleep.  


CELLIANT has an independent Science Advisory Board that has overseen 10 peer-reviewed, published studies that collectively demonstrate the efficacy of CELLIANT fabrics and the science behind infrared light therapy. 

In a pilot sleep study, CELLIANT was clinically demonstrated to improve sleep efficiency by an average of 2.6% and helped subjects get an average of 18.3 more minutes of sleep per night*. These changes to key sleep biomarkers indicate that CELLIANT can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, which is key to waking up feeling rested, making the infrared technology a perfect fit for therapeutic mattresses and bedding, like Sleep Hive’s range of products. 

Sleep Hive offers three infrared mattress options under their Seniors Plus brand, topped with a layer of CELLIANT-infused quilted fabric or a removable CELLIANT cover: 


Seniors Plus champions the connection between our health and our sleep by developing advanced science-backed mattresses that can support populations who would benefit from increased local circulation, faster recovery and boosted energy. 

While this includes senior customers, rest assured that Seniors Plus mattresses are a fit for sleepers of all ages. The technical mattresses are designed with innovative materials that provide optimal comfort and support, plus reliable durability for long-term use that offers customers peaceful sleep for years to come. 

Which Sleep Hive Mattress is Right For You?

CELLIANT infrared technology helps differentiate Sleep Hive’s mattress offerings, delivering an elevated rest experience when combined with the unique design elements to deliver better sleep. 


Light sleepers, the Cosmos mattress is the pick for you. Crafted for maximum comfort, this medium-firm mattress is designed to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. Its innovative pocket-coil design adapts to your body’s shape, offering the necessary support for a restful night. Best of all, The Cosmos mattress is topped with a quilted CELLIANT infrared layer to promote restful sleep and comfort, so you wake up energized. 


If you aren’t quite sure what type of sleeper you are but are looking to elevate your rest routine all the same, look no further than the Celestial mattress from Seniors Plus. This mattress is designed to be adaptive, offering a soft or medium firmness that can be switched easily by flipping the mattress. The Celestial also comes with a removable CELLIANT cover so you still get the full spectrum of infrared wellness benefits. 


For heavy sleepers, your mattress match from Sleep Hive is the Titanium. The Titanium is the most advanced sleep system from Seniors Plus, featuring their micro-coil matrix technology for maximum support and a CELLIANT®-infused cover for optimal comfort, temperature regulation and faster recovery. 


World-leading sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo also gives CELLIANT her tick of approval after experiencing it in Sleep Hive mattresses. Sleep Hive’s partnership with Arezzolo, author of Bear, Lion or Wolf: How Understanding Your Sleep-type Could Change Your Life, offers another vote of confidence for Australians seeking the highest quality of mattresses. 

Quoted on the Sleep Hive site, Arezzolo says: 

“As Australia’s Leading Sleep Expert, I only will partner with a bedding brand with beds backed by science; and a business built on integrity, trust and excellence. This is the exact reason I have partnered with Seniors Plus – they deliver all of this, and more.”

Innovate Bio-Responsive Mattresses & Bedding with CELLIANT

If your brand is looking to dream up new sleep solutions for your customers, get in touch with our team. CELLIANT infrared technology differentiates mattresses and bedding for global brands and is available in a range of carriers to best fit your particular product development needs. Fill out the form below to take the next step. 


*Source: CELLIANT Pilot Sleep Study. Dr. Marcel Hungs & Dr. Annabel Wang, University of California – Irvine Medical Center, 2010. 
Results not achieved by all subjects in the study. Further studies are warranted before drawing conclusions as to CELLIANT® sleep benefits.