How Recovery Clothing Can Improve Active Recovery

Most of us have realized by now that exercise is a powerful thing. But when we look inside the bodily processes that exercise initiates, it’s even more amazing.

What’s actually going on inside the body when we exercise? The impact of exercise begins almost as soon as we decide to get moving. Our heart rates increase, as does the supply of blood to our brains. This, in turn, makes us more alert. It’s not just the cardiovascular system that responds to exercise, however. Exercise stimulates our brains to start making the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. Our skin mobilizes to produce liters of sweat per hour. Muscles undergo microtraumas, allowing them to build in strength over time as they repair. And that’s just the start of it.

With so much going on in our bodies during exercise, we can forget the importance of recovery time. Careful, active recovery time is just as important for our well-being as exercise. Recovery safely transitions us from an exercising state to a resting state. Without it, our bodies can overcompensate for the effects of exercise, causing exercise-induced hypertension.

Why Do We Need to Focus More on Rest and Recovery?

It can take a lot to get ourselves into an exercise routine, so forgetting about recovery is understandable. But once we understand the benefits of active recovery, it becomes clear that it’s actually a vital part of our workouts.

Rest reduces lactic acid buildup, helps get rid of toxins, and gives the cardiovascular system time to wind down gradually. Active recovery time is to our muscles and cells what sleep is to our brains after a long day. That’s why athletes now place as much importance on recovery as they do on training.

Part of that active recovery could be wearing recovery-wear clothing. Pieces such as an active shoulder brace or a recovery knee sleeve could support joints and muscle areas, helping the body rest and reducing the risk of injury and muscle fatigue. Recovery-wear clothing works alongside other elements of an active recovery program to help an athlete — or anyone enjoying exercise — warm down and replenish energy stores.

How Can Textile Technology Help Improve Active Recovery Days?

Recovery-wear clothing is similar to tools such as red light machines, infrared saunas, and compression boots, which athletes often use to boost the impact of their rest days. It is a less concentrated source. For example, sitting on, laying on, or wearing textiles with CELLIANT® for 22 hours a day is equivalent to 20 to 30 minutes in an infrared sauna. However, as elite athletes know, any advantage counts when it comes to the margin of victory. CELLIANT has a clinically demonstrated ability to increase local circulation and cell oxygenation. That small impact correlates to big gains regarding improved strength, increased energy, faster recovery, and more.

CELLIANT technology is an ingredient in both performance wear and recovery apparel. CELLIANT, when added to a textile, converts body heat into infrared energy. As such, popular clothing brands are now using it in revolutionary products that help athletes and exercisers of all kinds properly recover from their workouts.

What kinds of products can be developed with CELLIANT technology? There are a variety of answers. Training apparel, such as Under Armour’s UA RUSH product line, might be an obvious one because it has been developed with training athletes in mind. However, CELLIANT technology is used across many different product categories.

For example, our European brand partner Schlarafia creates mattresses specifically designed for athletes to boost recovery. It recognizes that an active recovery period extends even to the way we sleep. Our infrared sauna partner Sunlighten utilizes CELLIANT textiles in its infrared sauna heater covers and spa accessories, such as towels and body wraps, for athletes who rely on the sauna as part of their recovery routines. Wraps, bandages, and braces, such as those developed by our brand partner CURAD, can also be effective, targeted solutions for athletes. Infrared socks are an emerging therapeutic solution for recovery. Across the board, CELLIANT textiles allow brands to differentiate their products as useful active recovery tools for athletes.

It’s possible to improve consumers’ active recovery with CELLIANT infrared technology. Interested in creating products with CELLIANT that can give customers wellness benefits, such as increased local circulation and improved cellular oxygenation after exercise? Fill out the form below to get in touch with our team.