How Brands Can Empower Consumers Seeking Sustained Self-Care

Self-care has many facets and can mean different things to different people. At CELLIANT®, we see self-care as an important part of achieving overall well-being. By creating products that offer wellness benefits without disrupting our day-to-day, brands can provide accessible self-care solutions for consumers seeking a low-barrier routine. 

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is most broadly defined as doing things that raise the enjoyment of life and improve physical and mental health. Exercise, sleep and a nutritionally dense diet are three common (and important) aspects of self-care that are an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. 

Of course, there is a wide range of things people can do to make themselves healthier and happier. At the root of it all, self-care is about having kindness toward yourself and creating opportunities to prioritize yourself. As a society, we’ve largely come to understand that this type of attitude isn’t selfishquite the opposite—it’s necessary for a happy life that then allows giving more to others. 

Perhaps most importantly, self-care includes even the momentary things we do for ourselves. For example, enjoying your morning coffee outside in the morning to help regulate circadian rhythm, or taking vitamins with your breakfast. These multi-tasking moments don’t require much additional effort but can make a big impact on overall well-being in the long run. Looking at self-care through this lens is part of what we refer to as sustained self-care. 

What is Sustained Self-Care?

Sustained self-care, or sustainable self-care, describes a long-term approach to achieving well-being that emphasizes creating moments of self-care within our existing routines. By working to automate your wellness routine by weaving it into your existing practices, you can enjoy the benefits of self-care without adding more tasks—even ones that are intended to be restorative—to your to do list.  

Sustained self-care is important because it empowers us to take control of our well-being without overhauling our habits. In some ways, sustained self-care has similarities with the technique called habit stacking, which consists of layering a new, goal behavior with an existing behavior that you do regularly in order to make it easier to adopt the new behavior. While some aspects of sustained self-care may include changing or adding new behaviors, technology and product innovations are unlocking ways to build additional wellness into your routine without requiring any extra effort at all. 


Technology is playing an increasingly significant role in achieving and maintaining sustained self-care. Wearable devices like the Apple Watch, OURA Ring and WHOOP provide health insights and data that can help inform and shape wellness routines. Wearables are becoming more and more prevalent, evidenced by predictions that the wearable technology industry will grow to $380 billion by 2028. 

While these wearable devices are able to provide seemingly infinite health data metrics, the next generation of wearable wellness will emphasize technologies and innovations that directly provide physiological benefits to the wearer. Rather than replace wearable sensors and health trackers, this category of wearable wellness is a perfect fit to work in tandem with these devices. 

One example of wearable technology that provides health and wellness benefits when incorporated as an ingredient in bio-responsive products is CELLIANT infrared technology. CELLIANT is a blend of all-natural, infrared-emitting bioceramic minerals that can be embedded into or coated on textile-based products, giving them the ability to capture body heat and convert it into infrared energy. This infrared energy is reflected back to the body where it is absorbed by the muscles and tissues, increasing local circulation and cellular oxygenation.

This process results in a number of physiological changes, including: 

CELLIANT is an ingredient brand, which means we partner with like-minded brands to create products such as infrared apparel, infrared bedding, infrared sauna accessories, infrared socks, infrared sportswear and more. With a wide range of cutting-edge IR products from our global network of partners, we’re confident that there are CELLIANT-powered products to fit your self-care needs, no matter what your daily routine is. 


Passive wellness has a certain set-it-and-forget-it quality. For example, taking vitamins or supplements is a kind of passive wellness. You simply take the vitamin each day and the vitamin does the rest of the work to help improve your health 

CELLIANT infrared technology is also a method of passive wellness, requiring no additional effort from consumers beyond simply wearing or being in contact with CELLIANT infrared products. For example, by choosing a CELLIANT upholstered desk chair for your home office, you can enjoy infrared benefits such as increased local circulation and more comfort throughout your workday. Or, opt to wear infrared workout apparel to your weekly Pilates class for a boost in strength, stamina, endurance and grip strength. Swap out your bedding for CELLIANT infrared sheets to help regulate your body temperature throughout the night and promote restful sleep.

The ability to improve our health and wellness in the background of so many of our day-to-day activities can make sustained self-care much more attainable, even for the busiest among us. 


Brands that create textile-based products can turn to wellness fabric innovations as a way to offer passive self-care benefits to their customers. While there are a range of textile technologies that fall into this category, such as electromagnetic blocking textiles and antimicrobial and silver fabrics, let’s take a look at a rundown of product applications in which CELLIANT infrared technology has been demonstrated to deliver passive wellness. 

Infrared Apparel & Bio-Responsive Clothing

Clothing is the perfect medium for infrared to deliver passive wellness benefits to consumers. Infrared improves performance, speeds recovery from physical activity, and promotes more restful sleep—all while increasing local circulation, improving cellular oxygenation and thermoregulation. CELLIANT infrared technology is available in numerous carrier types and is perfect for:

Infrared Interiors and Upholstery

Our homes are where we should find our greatest self-care as it is our refuge. Our homes are also where we tend to have a number of textile-based features. When infused into the various interior textiles of the home, infrared technology offers people the passive benefits of infrared all around them. It energizes their living space.  

CELLIANT is the differentiating element of the Wellness Textures Collection, a collaboration with the leaders in functional fabrics at Crypton as well as the trailblazers in design at Kravet, that seeks to bring easy care wellness fabrics into every room in the home. Hailed by Architectural Digest, this collection has been dubbed the first home textiles for well-being.

In addition to residential interiors, built environments like offices, schools, and waiting rooms also have a number of opportunities for infrared textile products. The value of bringing infrared wellness into, say, the office is vast, with people increasingly looking for ways to bring a sense of energy into an otherwise sedentary environment. Our partnership with Designtex to create Designtex CELLIANT, dubbed ‘charging stations for people’, promises to do just that. 

Infrared Mattress and Top-of-Bed Products

Mattresses and bedding are, no doubt, part of the interiors category above. But sleep is so important to self-care and has such great synergy with infrared, that it needs its own category.

Infrared light and CELLIANT have been clinically demonstrated to have many sleep-related benefits, such as faster recovery from physical activity, increased comfort, supported temperature regulation and more energy throughout your day while awake. It’s no exaggeration to say that infrared is changing the sleep and bedding industry. As more brands create sleep collections that feature infrared technology, we predict that, in the not-too-distant-future, it will come to be expected by consumers looking for effective sleep solutions.

Infuse Infrared Wellness into Nearly Infinite Infrared Products

CELLIANT infrared technology is an excellent fit for any brand looking to enhance their textile-based product lines with health and wellness benefits and appeal to consumers who are looking to establish a sustainable self-care routine.

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Sustained self-care describes a long-term approach to achieving well-being that emphasizes creating moments of self-care within our existing routines. By working to automate our wellness routines by weaving self-care into our existing practices, you can enjoy the benefits without adding more to your to do list. Brands can look to technology innovations, such as CELLIANT® infrared technology, to develop products that help consumers build a sustainable self-care routine.


As consumers continue to expect more from their products, including textile-based products, high-performance functional fabrics are becoming more common. Several textile innovations that offer wellness benefits include:


Traditional wellness strategies are activities that require a person to take action or engage in in order to gain benefits. Passive wellness requires no additional effort to get the benefits. An example of something that offers passive wellness benefits is CELLIANT® infrared technology, which requires no additional effort from consumers beyond simply wearing or being in contact with CELLIANT infrared products in order to experience the effects.