Step Into Comfort With Infrared Socks & Footwear

Welcome back to our industry spotlight series, where we look at various industries where CELLIANT® infrared technology can make a big difference. Previous articles in our industry series focus on infrared applications for upholstery, hospitality, airlines, automotive, bedding and more. In this installment, we step into the world of infrared footwear, including adaptive shoes, IR socks and more. 


For most humans, walking is one of the most natural parts of life, and a fundamental element of our daily routines. But despite the ease with which many people navigate their daily lives on foot, there is a significant population of people impacted by mobility limitations. 

In the United States alone, 12.1% of adults report a mobility disability involving serious difficulty with walking or climbing stairs, as reported by the CDC. Some chronic conditions, such as diabetes, can be contributing factors that increase the risk of mobility disability. Diabetes, which affects millions worldwide, is a disease that occurs when a person’s blood sugar is too high. Many of the symptoms of diabetes that develop are the result of poor circulation. These symptoms can include numbness, discomfort in arms and legs while walking and increased risk of amputation. In fact, it is estimated that a limb is amputated every 30 seconds globally 85% of which are attributed to diabetic symptoms. 

To help mitigate symptoms that may contribute to walking limitations, footwear brands are looking to innovate solutions ranging from adaptive footwear to therapeutic socks. 


Adaptive footwear is a growing segment within the overall footwear market (which is estimated to reach a global revenue of over $412 billion in 2024) that is gaining traction due to its emphasis on inclusivity and functionality. Recent market research suggests that the adaptive shoes market is experiencing growth driven by increasing awareness of the needs of diverse populations, including those with mobility limitations or therapeutic requirements. 

Adaptive footwear refers to footwear that is designed to offer benefits associated with comfort, support and other factors that impact mobility and foot health. These benefits can be derived from structural or technological features. 

Adaptive sneakers designed by Cadense to empower those with walking difficulties.

Structural components play a pivotal role, offering specialized features tailored to specific needs, such as adjustable straps, wider widths or orthotic inserts for enhanced support and stability. Beyond physical features, technological advancements are paving the way for new strides in adaptive footwear, helping to further optimize functionality, comfort and overall wellness of the feet.  

Textile technologies such as moisture-wicking fabrics and antimicrobial treatments, which can contribute to a more comfortable and hygienic wearing experience, have come to be expected by consumers. The future of footwear innovation will be driven by technologies that can differentiate brands’ products within the saturated market. Infrared technology is one therapeutic textile ingredient that has been adopted by technology innovators throughout the footwear industry. 


CELLIANT® infrared technology works by capturing the body heat that is naturally given off at rest and in action. This body heat is converted and reflected back to the body as infrared light. Infrared light therapy causes two key physiological changes: increased local circulation and increased cellular oxygenation, which in turn result in numerous health and wellness benefits 

When incorporated into, or paired with, adaptive footwear, CELLIANT can provide a range of advantages associated with increased local circulation in the feet. These benefits include: 

There is also encouraging research exploring the potential for infrared apparel, such as socks that are infused with CELLIANT infrared technology, to positively impact diabetic patients with vascular impairment. Our 10th peer-reviewed published study is one such study and we are working hard to further research the effects CELLIANT can have. 

CELLIANT infrared technology can be embedded into textile elements of a shoe or is an ideal technology for infrared socks, which can be paired with adaptive footwear to provide further health and wellness benefits to the feet. 


CELLIANT has partnered with brands throughout the footwear space who are committed to innovating technically advanced socks and shoes that provide measurable therapeutic benefits. Our partners at Terrapromo developed their Oxygen Optimal collection that includes infrared socks and flat slip-on shoes with a CELLIANT-infused insert that boosts local circulation and increases comfort in the feet. Additionally, Syounaa offers a range of therapeutic and diabetic socks that are infused with CELLIANT infrared technology. 

CELLIANT has been featured in several Under Armour collections throughout our long-term partnership, including the UA RECOVER Slip Shoes. While Under Armour is known for its performance products and footwear, which we will touch on later, the RECOVER Slip Shoes were designed with recovery and comfort in mind, with adaptive features such as a hook and loop strap, a full knit upper for maximum stretch, a soft foam midsole designed for easy heel to toe transition and, of course, CELLIANT infrared technology. 

Under Armour UA RECOVER Slip Shoe, powered by CELLIANT.

We’re also excited to share our new partnership with Cadense, leaders in the adaptive footwear space who offer a comprehensive selection of adaptive shoes with features designed to mitigate the impacts of several different conditions. Stay tuned for our first CELLIANT-powered collaboration with Cadense, soon-to-be announced, that will provide the perfect therapeutic accompaniment to their adaptive footwear collections.


CELLIANT’s ability to increase local circulation in the feet when incorporated into infrared footwear can provide performance and recovery benefits for anyone who appreciates movement, from professional athletes to weekend warriors and everyone in between. The benefits of CELLIANT for performance include: 

Exercise enthusiasts are a key customer demographic for CELLIANT-powered products, due to consumer values that prioritize: 

Global sports and athletics brands incorporate CELLIANT infrared technology into their footwear collections, ranging from high-performance ski boots and sneakers to technical ski socks and compression socks. 


Among the different segments of the athletic footwear market, CELLIANT is particularly well-suited for outdoor and winter socks and shoes. Our first CELLIANT-powered product launch with Decathlon, the world’s largest sporting goods retailer, was the Wedze Ski Sock an over-the-calf compression sock that is designed to offer a supremely comfortable fit in the ski boot, plus increased local circulation in the feet and lower leg, thermoregulation and stronger performance derived from the infrared tech. Our longtime partners at Tecnica offer several variations of high-performance ski boots, powered by CELLIANT to keep your feet warm and comfortable during long days on the slopes. 

Tecnica high-performance Mach 1 Ski Boots, powered by CELLIANT.

CELLIANT is a key ingredient in all of Oxeego’s infrared sport socks, with styles designed for cycling, running, hiking and casual wear. Some Oxeego socks feature a compression fit, a fabric technology that we have found to be very compatible with infrared technology. DFND also offers a CELLIANT compression sock, infused with infrared technology to provide performance and recovery benefits to the warrior athletes that wear them. 

Oxeego technical Running Infrared Socks, powered by CELLIANT.

In addition to the Under Armour’s RECOVER Slip Shoes, CELLIANT was also featured in the UA HOVR Machina 2 line of sneakers, which helped to improve endurance and keep your feet at the right temperature during workouts. 

Under Armour UA HOVR Machina 2 sneakers, powered by CELLIANT.


Footwear brands seeking the competitive edge that is required to stand out are turning to technology innovation partners that can empower them to stay ahead of the curve. CELLIANT infrared technology is an ideal ingredient for therapeutic and athletic footwear applications, offering science-backed performance and recovery benefits that can set your brand apart from the competition. 

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Infrared footwear includes shoes, socks and insoles that have been infused with infrared technology. CELLIANT infrared technology is a key ingredient in IR footwear such as athletic shoes, technical infrared, high-performance ski boots, therapeutic slippers and more. 


Infrared socks are socks that have been infused with technology that emits infrared light into the foot. CELLIANT is an ideal textile technology for socks, delivering benefits of infrared energy such as increased local circulation and temperature regulation. 


There is growing evidence to suggest that infrared light therapy, such as wearing infrared-infused diabetic socks, may help people with diabetes manage circulatory symptoms by increasing local circulation in the areas where applied. 

CELLIANT’s 10th peer-reviewed published study explores the potential for infrared technology to positively impact diabetic patients with vascular impairment, and we are working hard to further research the effects CELLIANT can have.